Burj al Arab — the most luxurious hotel in the world
Hotel Burj al Arab (literally "the Arab tower") characterizes itself as a seven star hotel. Its worth the sail in the sea at a distance of 280 meters offshore on…

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After the opening of the first hotel "Swissôtel Hotels & Resorts" in India — Swissôtel, Kolkata — in July, the Swiss international hotel chain has signed contracts to manage two…

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TOP 10 best Nightclubs in the world

Experts say that the rumors of crisis in the club’s life greatly exaggerated

Experts say that the rumors of crisis in club life is greatly exaggerated. Worldwide new institution, and “legends” night life feel more than confident. Internet portal on tourism “100 roads” leads the TOP 10 of the best Nightclubs in the world estimated 2014.

1. “Measure” (Merah), London

The club opened in 2009 and immediately became the hottest point of the city. According to the magazine Vanity Fair, the Measure helped London to usher in a new era of clubbing, lifting it to unprecedented heights. The list of famous habitués of the place is impressive.

2. “Room Boom Boom” (Boom Boom Room), New York City

The club is located on the last floor of the hotel Standard. Since its opening it has captivated the attending stars luxury views of Manhattan and new Jersey. In one of the halls of the club is a large triangular swimming pool. Not surprisingly, many became regulars of the establishment. But to get to a party here is very easy: you have to be an invitation. However, in a bar Boom Boom Room is the place to look during the day, when admission is free.

Nagodawithana legendary Fontainebleau hotel, this nightclub, with an area of nearly 3000 square meters, is considered the most visited in the world. And not because it’s so huge, people just love to come here often. They say if you haven’t been to LIV, you were not in Miami.

4. “The Wall” (Wall), Miami, FL

To be noticed in Miami that here we have to create something very unusual. The owners of the W hotel and has been invited to cooperate in the creation of a new night club owners the best entertainment venues of the city. Since its opening in July 2009 of years, the Wall has reached unprecedented popularity, becoming due to its extremely sexual atmosphere in the new legend local clubbing.

5. The Theatre (Playhouse), Los Angeles, CA

When you open a new one, to declare to him can be difficult. However, the Theatre of this problem is not touched, because the school immediately became super-popular with celebrities of all stripes. The owners of the casino try not to overload staff with work, but because it opened only four days a week: Monday, Tuesday, Friday and Saturday. The most interesting events here usually happen on Tuesdays and Fridays.

6. “Collage” (Collage), Stockholm

This club for fifteen years remains the best in Stockholm. It is located on the top floor of a five-star fine dining restaurant in the heart of the city. It is recommended to visit all the guests of the Swedish capital. In summer, guests can go to the amazing beauty of the garden, which is a considerable share of the glory of the club and where warm evenings going to a lot of Swedish celebrities.

7. “Turmoil” (Razzmatazz), Barcelona

Located in the heart of one of the best cities in Europe, this club can offer music for every taste. In five different halls of the institution’s played everything from lounge to rave. It is often played by non-professional star DJ.

8. “Guzel” (Beautiful), Athens

Over the past eight years the nightlife of Athens really gained international fame. And it happened not without the help of club”Guzel”. This democratic institution to the mass public is famous for the fact that on Fridays the famous hip hop party allowed here exclusively pretty girls, not too cute sieved.

9. “Super Club Juliet” (Juliet Supper Club Supper Club), New York City

The school opened in 2009. Since that time, has quickly gained popularity among European billionaires, thin top-models and other glamorous-party-public. On its creation worked well-known chef Todd English, and served as prototypes for the hottest clubs of the last decade, Lotus and Greenhouse.

10. “Club Rex” ( Rex Club), Paris

The club was opened in 1988, and became the first place in France where sounded electronic and techno music. The school has more than 25 years, but it still remains a legend of French electronic culture. The interiors of the club are neither luxury or intimacy, there’s no VIP bar, and even rest areas can be few. But here at speech attracts so many stars, how many does not happen in any of the clubs in the world.