American haunted hotels
To climb Everest. Swim with the dolphins. To watch as someone who died 300 years ago, passes through the walls of your room? Yes, some activities are more accessible than…

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The Hotel "Lviv"
"Lviv" hotel, built in the second part of the twentieth century, for several decades, has been accepting tourists and visitors of the city. Since that time its walls have undergone…

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Burj Al Arab is more than a hotel.

The legendary building, in the shape of a sailing ship, for a long time had the title of highest hotel in the world and one of the most photographed structures. Now, however, the Burj Al Arab is still kind of a highlight of Dubai and its symbol, and the rich and famous people from around the world come to visit this stunning hotel. Thus any tourist can take a tour to Burj Al Arab, but access to all amenities and facilities receive only guests here — only they will be able to fully understand how unique it may be just an ordinary vacation.

All in the Burj Al Arab hotel features traditional luxury of the East, and related services are intended for comfortable rest of wealthy and successful people. For example, on site guests can rent luxury cars, including a real rolls Royce with a personal driver. Only Burj Al Arab has 202 duplex suites, pertaining exclusively to the category “Suite”, and completely relevant to the title — for example, check-in and check directly in the room, and each floor has a private reception and knowledgeable, attentive service.

The Shuttle from the airport to the Burj Al Arab can be made both by car and even Rolls Royce or private helicopter — the hotel staff ensures that the eminent hostelito was unable to disturb in the way. On arrival, the guests settle at first, and after registering directly in their room, so as not to get to go down and wait in line at the reception. If guests are hungry, they offer great dishes from top chefs in one of nine luxury restaurants, working on the territory of Burj Al Arab.

Great attention is paid to the hotel a variety of water and Wellness treatments it features a Spa Assawan Spa and a modern fitness centre with a gym. Guests can enjoy the private beach, the Burj Al Arab or relax on a sun lounger near one of the four indoor or outdoor pools. If the standard water activities seem boring guest, he’s free to go to the world famous Wild Wadi water Park — one of the largest institutions in this category worldwide.

The Burj Al Arab hotel since its opening is famous for the incredible hospitality of the staff: everything is subordinated to the needs and expectations of guests of a perfect vacation. A visit to the Burj Al Arab is an experience for those who prefer luxury and proportions throughout.