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In Yekaterinburg will appear in a five-star hotel famous brand "W"
Company "atomstroykompleks" signed a Memorandum of intent with the company "StarwoodHotels&ResortsWorldwideInc.", according to which by 2018 in Ekaterinburg it is planned the opening of the hotel of the international class…

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Old haunted castles in England

In England the ghosts are especially cherished, they are proud of and considered a national treasure. Only in England can be found road signs “Beware of ghosts!”. More than half of the population believe in their existence, and one in seven claims to have seen a Ghost personally. Ghosts is part of the culture of this amazing country, whose inhabitants are very careful in their traditions and culture.


Only in England there are such unusual institutions as “Ghostbusters” or “the Club of experts of ghosts”, as well as a Spiritual society with its own traditions, which at different times were such famous people like Conan Doyle and Stanley Baldwin, who became vposledstvii Prime Minister. On Halloween in England is an international gathering of Ghost hunters, and in may at the Abbey Bish (County Buckinghamshire) is a festival of ghosts.

For sale castle with the Ghost

Even here there are specialized realtorscentury that sell real estate with ghosts. And is taking it really seriously: before the sale carefully gather the evidence for the existence of Ghost, we are searching for in the archives, studied the genealogies of the former owners, gather eyewitness accounts…. And only after gathering evidence, the estate put up for sale. For example, in a British newspaper posted this ad:

For sale castle of the XVI century in peaceful area of the County Susek together with the furniture and the Ghost that doesn’t harm anybody. Guarantee that it will not leave the castle and if its possible restructuring.

Ghosts live in castles

The favorite dwelling of the ghosts — that old castles .

Windsor castle see the Ghost of king Henry VIII, mad king George III, who loves to scare his view of the royals. Princess Margaret, reportedly often met the Ghost of king Charles I and Queen Elizabeth I. all members of the Royal family to their “family ghosts” are used and are quite supportive, but Princess Diana at the time saw a Ghost in the castle, suffered a nervous shock. Also in the halls of the castle one can meet the Ghost of the Duke of Buckingham. They say that the court astrolog called the Ghost of the Duke, at the request of his son, but then forgot to return it back.

The castle in the Hamptons, is also common Ghost of king Henry VIII and the ghosts of his dead wives. But most here see the Ghost of the second wife of Henry VIII Anne Boleyn and fourth wife Catherine Howard. According to some eyewitnesses, when the day of execution of Anne Boleyn coincides with the full moon, her image disappears from the portrait, and in the castle of jensie hear muffled screams and cries.

But the most “favorite” place of the ghosts tower . This castle was a Royal residence and prison. That is why it especially inhabits many ghosts. The oldest of the Ghost tower the Ghost of Archbishop of Canterbury Thomas Becket, who was murdered on the orders of king Henry II. Here I often see the Ghost of Anne Boleyn, which keeps its head under my arm. The most terrible Ghost of the tower believe the Ghost of Margaret pole, Countess of Salisbury, who was executed by order of Henry VIII in 1541 only for the fact that she was the last representative of the former Royal dynasty of Plantagenet. But most of all I regret Ghost, nicknamed “the Little princes”. The ghosts of 12-year-old king Edward V and his 9-year-old brother Richard, Duke of York, sons of king Edward IV, after the death of their father were strangled by order of their uncle Richard, Duke of Gloucester. And all for the Duke was able to crown himself under the name of Richard III.

Is it possible to believe, hard to say, because so far there is no clear evidence of the existence of ghosts, but there is no evidence to the contrary. Ancient castles with ghosts are very popular among tourists and the interest in them is constantly growing.

“My home is my castle” is a favorite saying of English. And if there is love, then no ghosts are not afraid of him.

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