World hotels: Hotel Lungarno, Florence
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The scariest hotels Ghost
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10 most famous abandoned hotels

Luxury hotels and resorts under Sunny skies. Designer furniture, expensive restaurants and rich tourists, splashing in the ocean. But all that can change very quickly, becoming a decaying squalor.

War, weather, financial crises and man-made disasters killed many tourist palaces. Here are some of the most famous hotels empty.

Sheraton Rarotonga, cook Islands

It’s an empty building located on the coastal line of the island of Rarotonga, is still shown on Google Maps though she never had visitors.

200 rooms with tiled floors, Jacuzzi, air-conditioning, carpets and luxury furnishings, never opened its doors. Wealth pilfered long ago and the building now hiding the homeless and a local gang.

The construction of the hotel began in the late 80-ies of the last century. But when the construction has almost come to an end, the sponsors refused to Finance the project because of the dark history of the misappropriation of funds.

Heiwa Sofitel, Hua Hin, French Polynesia

The hotel is situated on a secluded sand spit of the island of hin French Polynesia. From a distance, this Bungalow still looks attractive. But on closer examination it appears that it was abandoned long ago. The roof had rotted, and the walls here-otrazhatsya.

The last guest lived in the hotel about ten years ago. And now the Bungalow was dark dramatic tourist monument of crisis…

Lee Plaza, Detroit, USA

Detroit is often confused with post-apocalyptic nightmare. Another confirmation of this – a once majestic hotel Lee Plaza, vacant for two decades. Built in 1929, it has the status of national heritage. But is destroyed more and more every year.

Hotel Rügen, Pyongyang, North Korea

Many consider this hotel the world’s greatest construction folly. Its construction began in 1987 in honor of Kim Il Sung. The Koreans planned to build the world’s highest hotel, but because of numerous construction problems permanently stayed. As a result, to complete rügen was only in 2014, but the project was not commissioned until now.

Renakse Hotel, Phnom Penh, Cambodia

This historic building is on the waterfront “internal sea” the Tonle SAP in Phnom Penh. Previously it was the refuge of the Royal court, and in 1979 it housed the first government of the Khmer Rouge.

Once the structure was owned by the Cambodian people’s party, but the controversial deal was sold to a private company. Residents of Phnom Penh submitted the petition to save Renakse from destruction, but its future remains uncertain.

Once a thriving resort of Varosha in the Cypriot city of Famagusta was visited by Elizabeth Taylor and Brigitte Bardot. Many called it the most famous seaside resort in the world! But in 1974, Turkey invaded Cyprus, and the streets of Varosha was flooded with blood.

Now the island has become an enclave, separated by barbed wire. And in no man’s land is vacant not one but dozens of hotels.

Igloo city, Alaska, USA

First looking at Igloo city, it may seem that this is a forgotten setup during the cold war or a space ship. But it is a hotel. Started in construction in 1970, he contradicted so many rules and regulations that could never be opened.

El Hotel del Salto, Colombia

This hotel overlooks a stunning waterfall of Tequendama is located in 30 kilometers from Bogota. And for two decades he does not accept guests.

The scenery here is picturesque, but the river that feeds the waterfall, is one of the most polluted in the world. Moreover, Tequendama falls has the glory of suicide. Everything in the compartment, it discourage guests from El Hotel del Salto.

The Hotel Polissya, Pripyat, Ukraine

This ten-story hotel in 1986, was evacuated along with the entire 50-thousand city. At the time of the Chernobyl accident. And now Polesie, along with an abandoned amusement Park, is one of the favorite places of visit guests blank Pripyat.

Nameless hotel, Vientiane, Laos

Some abandoned hotels are glorified at the expense of famous guests, when you lived in them. Other – at the expense of anonymity.

This hotel, built in the 20-ies or 30-ies of the last century, is a refuge for the homeless. And no one can tell who and what built it.