Offered for sale is the most famous in Spain haunted house

Just off the A357 in Campanillas in the province of Malaga, stands the mansion of the 19th century, known as El Cortijo Jurado or Casa Encantada (the haunted House). It lies in ruins for more than ten years, and just swarm around stories and rumors about the murder and the paranormal.

210-room mansion, which has a total of 365 Windows, was built in the mid 19th century the Heredia family, one of the richest families in this area at the time. The condition of the family has done for agriculture.

The legend says that the Heredia family, together with other rich families from the area, kidnapped the girls aged 18 to 21 years and used them in satanic rituals that included rape, torture and all kinds of abuse of them maimed or dead bodies.

There is no evidence to link these murders and this family, although actually young girls at the time, disappeared from the region and later their bodies were found on the banks of the river, which runs near the manor family. It is believed that there are secret tunnels under the house, through the family and carried the bodies of girls on the river Bank. It is also believed that the corpses and some of the girls buried in the grounds of the mansion.

El CortijoJurado bought the Jurado family in 1925 and since then, the house became famous for its numerous reports of strange noises, the screams and apparitions of ghosts. The house has a great popularity among the fans of paranormal phenomena and his many visits to various experts in the paranormal.

The house even starred in a few films due to its eerie appearance, and it is still in the course of the year attend various fans of horror. But the house continues to collect its toll, so a few years ago, a 20-year-old lover of paranormal with his five friends visited the house, and, fascinated, fell from 15 meters high and as a result ended up in a wheelchair.

In 2002, the owners of the mansion, at that time he belonged to the company Mirador Property, tried to turn it into a 4 star hotel.

In 2004 a building permit was obtained, and even the mayor attended the official opening of the house renovation.

However, the construction of the hotel wasn’t finished – have prevented the crisis. As a result, the company owner turned out to have everything – the house and the city hall of Malaga.

In the end it was decided that 45 206 square meters of land and dilapidated building cost 1.4 million euros together and all decided to sell at auction, which however was never carried out due to errors in the documents.

And now, after several years of inaction, the house and the land is again put up for sale. Now want 16 million euros.