The scariest hotels Ghost

On the eve of Halloween open their doors to hotels with ghosts

Halloween is coming and more and more people think about how to tickle your nerves. Somebody’s stockpiling horror, someone is going to a costume party, and someone goes to hotels, inhabited by real ghosts.

The online booking service found in any hotels in the world inhabited by the most terrible ghosts and spirits.

Stanley Hotel, Estes Park, Colorado, USA

It would seem that one of the fact that this is the hotel Stephen king wrote one of his most terrifying novels – “Lights” – enough to move into one of the rooms with a tremor in her lap. However, there really ghosts.

For example, in 1911, housekeeper Elizabeth Wilson was almost killed from a gas explosion. And now, after her death in 1960 guests at the hotel began to see her Ghost roaming the corridors. Even today in room 217, which in the Shining king played a significant role, periodically slamming door, heard quiet steps and sometimes piteous cries.

In addition, the hotel have seen the ghosts of children who play, laugh and make noise at night.

Selsdon Park Hotel & Golf Club, South Croydon, UK

Britain. especially England, it is hard to imagine without the ghosts. The ghosts of the British special relationship — it is unlikely that there exists at least one more or less old house in which would not notice its otherworldly inhabitant.

The Selsdon Park hotel with the exception also did not. Moreover, by universal admission, it is the most densely populated by the ghosts of the hotel of the country. Here constantly shoot a program about paranormal phenomena, but from the journalists from different Newspapers and magazines and does not hang up.

Guests often see a woman in grey, which passes through thick walls and spreading wings. According to the legend, the grey Lady was here as a maid and had an affair with a young son of the hotel owner. But after she got pregnant, perfidious lover left her, and soon she jumped out the window.

The Taj Mahal Palace Mumbai, Mumbai, India

In the Indian folklore and ghosts is full of its own mysterious creatures and paranormal phenomena, but the long years of British rule here have not been to India for nothing.

For example, on the roof of one of the most luxurious hotels Indian Mumbai quite often seeing a Ghost. The locals say that it’s the spirit of the chief engineer of this hotel. After leaving some time on the construction site, he saw that the hotel was completed, however, the project structure is only approximate similarity. Unable to bear such arbitrariness and disregard your ideas, the man committed suicide. Since then, the Ghost walks on the roof, and sometimes guests can hear him crying.

The Driskill.

This hotel would probably not be so popular if not for the stories of the local staff about the ghosts that live here.

According to these stories, there have repeatedly seen the Ghost of a young woman, abandoned by the fiancé the day before the wedding. This so shocked her that she shot herself in the bathroom 29. Seen here is a four-year old daughter of one of the senators of the United States. who died in this hotel. Her Ghost has chosen marble staircase of the upper floor.

However, the biggest honor is a Ghost of the first owner of – Jesse Driskill. They say he so loved the hotel that he could not leave him even after death, and now roams the corridors, checking that everything was in order.

The Langham.

And again England. In room 333 of this five star hotel inhabited by an old gentleman in a suit who is not very happy some guests, disturbing his rest.

One of the victims from the antics of the Ghost was a man cinicnnati profession as a BBC journalist, James Alexander Gordon, who in fear ran out of the room when he woke up, saw the edge of his bed Ghost, pulling her hands to him.