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The famous hotel near Cannes

Honestly, this summer I was going to spend a modest house on the terrace. Any plans built. or rather dreamed about the sea as always, but something concrete emerging.

And then the parents-in-law was invited for a week in Cannes. For a long time I did not have to persuade and I gladly agreed!

This is what I am. the hotel was chosen not by me.

But still I want to tell you about the hotel and share pictures) Maybe someone will like it.

So, a few steps from the sea, in a quiet side street is the hotel 3.14. Who loves math, he will immediately realize that the numbers in the name of the hotel) Yes, the architect loved math. )

The hotel location is very good! The beach is three minutes to the Croisette, 20 metres. Near shops, restaurants, bars. in General, in the midst of the centre of Cannes.

The building itself is beautiful! Clear beautiful Bay Windows adorn the façade.

And opposite the famous Carlton hotel. We went there for Breakfast)

Photo taken from the upper terrace.

And if you look slightly to the right, kind of like this. People the beautiful terrace below. sorry sea from the back side)))

The rooftop facilities – pool, bar and Jacuzzi. But to be honest, I do not understand people who swim in the pool, when a three minute walk sea.

The pool, of course, kranichsberg. But the child was multihalle there heart. barely visualae..)))

This is our room. When I came in, a little stevenel. from such an abundance of pink. . No, I love pink, but not in such quantities. Yes, the hotel each floor is dedicated to one of the continent, we got Europe, the style of the Belle époque. (a gift horse in the teeth do not look, I reassured myself. )

The other half of the room. I finished off the bathroom, which had no curtains. Take a shower in the bathroom with no curtains or fences that pestni. And Estonian in-laws room was smaller but had a curtain in the bathroom.

The staff at the hotel I liked. Affable, smiling, the maids cleaned well, asked what to add, all brought without any problems.

The hotel’s hall. Design, of course, on the fan. )

And the hotel was a skull.

Library in the lobby. Sparkled and shimmered! The crystals were of impressive size)))

Near the bar.

The fountain in the lobby, think it’s Murano glass.

The decor in the bar.

Gnome on the fountain. What he was there was fastened.

The decor was a mixture of all that. )

Even the red carpet. Yes, you’re in Cannes!

The hotel has its private beach (have to pay extra, 25 EV per person per day) the Beach I liked. Comfortable sun loungers with comfortable mattresses, umbrellas, even the partitions were!

Also got beautiful towels, almost the color of Tiffany.

In General, it was clean and comfortable.

On the beach, of course, was the restaurant where we had lunch. It was delicious, I’m already surprised and the prices are almost divine. for Cannes.

At this rounded. And in Cannes the week flew by pretty fast. )

thank you for watched)