10 most famous abandoned hotels
Luxury hotels and resorts under Sunny skies. Designer furniture, expensive restaurants and rich tourists, splashing in the ocean. But all that can change very quickly, becoming a decaying squalor. War,…

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The famous hotel near Cannes
Honestly, this summer I was going to spend a modest house on the terrace. Any plans built. or rather dreamed about the sea as always, but something concrete emerging. And…

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Unusual hotels – what are they

The hotel business is developing at a rapid pace. So comfortable rooms and standard facilities today already you will surprise nobody. Many guests are content with the service standard and ordinary room in an average hotel, but others need something different, original, unusual and often hotels of Moscow in this suffering.

In order to attract customers, the owners of the hotel business come up with interesting tricks. One of the most common tricks is the legend, which supposedly is connected with this hotel. Moreover, the legend is in most cases far-fetched, just taken out of thin air.

One of the examples of hotel with larger-than-legend is a hotel in Romania, which opened in the thirteenth century bran castle. The founders of a small hotel called the hotel Castle Dracula than trying to attract more guests. But the history of the castle is completely different – in the last century this castle was the residence of Romania’s Queen and its in those times was often called the Castle of happiness. It would seem that the visit of the Queen at this hotel, too, can attract tourists, but the owners apparently decided that the dark legend will attract much more attention.

A good idea came to the owners of the hotel in Stockholm. They created a hotel in the building where previously housed the Royal prison. Guests can choose where they live – in a prison cell,monastic cell, in the tower or the lighthouse. However, you need to understand that rooms are small in size, although all the amenities they have.

Increasingly, to build hotels in Moscow are selected areas that in principle the accommodation is not adapted. So, in New Zealand, originally equipped with an old plane, by establishing there two nice rooms, old car, where are located three rooms and created an unusual “hobbit house”, which also can accommodate guests. By the way, the train theme is very popular. In India, there is even a hotel on wheels. In cars there are several fully equipped rooms that have private bathroom, hot and cold water, air conditioning. Additionally, the train has a carriage parades, from which to admire the views, and two restaurants. The train ride lasts eight days, this includes excursions, camel rides and rickshaws during the stops. You can spend your time and fill it for a long time.