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Hotel “Sierra Sky Ranch” in California

A couple of days ago I allowed myself to criticize the hotel business in Belarus. Not to be unfounded I now as a comparison tell you about one hotel in California, where we had a chance to spend the night during the spring touring the United States of America. Believe me, in this respect, the Americans have something to learn from the Belarusians, Russians, Lithuanians.

The hotel under the name “Sierra Sky Ranch” I have chosen and reserved in advance by Booking between moving from parks Sequoia trees and Yosemite. In such a large and expensive journey means making every hour, so take care in advance about accommodation here forced necessity. Especially because Yosemite national Park is considered the third largest number of visitors after the Grand Canyon and Yellowstone and find a free a hotel nearby not so simple.

This time I decided to fork out and booked a night in a historic hotel for $ 60. This is the sum of twice the standard prices for road motels, but that’s the beauty of America that when you are ready to pay more, I know for sure that almost always get something exceptional. This time and money spent has paid off. It was one of the most exciting nights for all the time spent in America.

The hotel “Sierra Sky Ranch”is not for nothing called historical. The ranch itself cattle was founded here 1875. And at one time was considered the largest farm of its kind in California. The hotel was built in 1900. The ranch passed from hand to hand, resold and stored. And during the Second world war, this hotel was located a health resort for the sick and wounded soldiers.

The location of this hotel, really zachetnaya. Around are the mountains of the Sierra Nevada, runs down the river. The Spa town of Oakhurst (Oakhurst) several miles, and the entrance to Yosemite national Park less than 20 miles. Here, clean air and absolute silence!

We arrived quite late and were already settled in the twilight. Caring Concierge we were met very warmly and immediately conducted a tour of the site.

It’s all steeped in antiquity. And so much that we even started to believe the stories our guide about the “wild, but cute ghosts,” a seemingly wandering here in the night gloom.

The room we got is small, but very cozy. Its undoubted advantage was a separate entrance to the outdoor balcony-patio, where we stood a special table with a candle. The hotel has a Steakhouse, but we decided to have dinner in advance of their purchased products under the glass, or rather glass of California wine.

After this sumptuous meal, we went in search of local ghosts and discovered the two dear fat cats. Judging by their proud behaviour, that they were the true owners.

Every detail in this house was carefully designed and created a unique authenticity to the rustic ranch the beginning of the last century.

The Manager of the hotel,when passing us the keys with keychain in the shape of a cowboy boot, told us about some of the black bears living nearby. During his walks around the house we began to stumble everywhere nor the silhouettes of these animals depicted on the cushions of the sofa, sitting peacefully on the tables in the living room.

Except for a couple Japanese and a few more hotel employees we met no one.

In addition to bears, other fetish of this hotel were cowboy boots. On them we also ran into every corner and sometimes in unusual guises. For example, as stands for lamps.

I was still yelling and started taking pictures of large mirrors that hung everywhere. What if later we will discern in the photo an otherworldly soul! But all in vain, at night no one disturbed our sleep. Can You manage something to see in these photos?

And in the morning we were able to enjoy not only simple and nutritious Breakfast, but also gorgeous panoramic views of the green mountains is extraordinary.

During a night walk we found near the pool and summerhouse, which opened with an unforgettable view of the bright starry sky. After Breakfast we went back down here.

From this hotel, didn’t want to leave. And here let the floor creaked from old age and my wife accidentally ripped the door handle of the toilet. There really was very calm the soul. And it is precisely these hotels I would like to see more and in my country and in the neighborhood next to – welcoming, with their own stories, details and unique aura.