The famous hotel Atlantis The Palm has changed the owner
Dubai's conglomerate Dubai World has sold and Emirati state Fund Investment Corp of Dubai (ICD) has acquired Dubai's iconic Atlantis the Palm. located on the Crescent of alluvial miracle of…

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Top 10 most beautiful hotels in the world
Hotel industry is one of the fastest growing elements of tourism business in absolutely all, without exception, the countries of the world. Tracking on the relevant necessary information about the…

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The most unusual forest hotel Sweden

The name of the village Harads in Sweden will soon be known to all lovers of unusual holiday in the heart of the Northern forests on the banks of the river opened an unusual hotel.

It just seems that Harads is located in the middle of nowhere – actually, just an hour by car separate Harads from airport Lulea (Lulea) and half an hour from the city of Boden (Boden) – a young, but popular and very interesting resort. Harads stands on the banks of a large river Lulealven, hence very close to the borders with neighboring Finland and the Arctic circle. In the surroundings of Harads, it was decided to build an unusual hotel – Treehotel consists of separate rooms on the trees.

Now to the reception of the finished room Cabin, the Nest, the UFO, the Blue Cone, the Mirror Cube, and a sauna, the original idea of the creators of the hotel has already received a prize from the Ministry of Tourism in Sweden. In the future, the number of rooms will increase to 24. How to look like rooms from the outside you might guess from their names. So, from the rooms to the Nest has no external walls in the usual sense – the outside is really a huge nest. UFO – a giant plate – the way the ships of extraterrestrial civilizations portrayed in movies in the 60-ies – 70-ies of the last century.

The mirror Cube is a cube on the edge of the forest, its walls made of glass panels is futuristichnost, which can be seen in the Swedish forest. The external surface is invisible for human infrared film so that birds don’t crash into the walls of the Mirrored cube. Inside all the rooms, suitable for 2 – 4 guests very compact interiors are decorated in classic Scandinavian style with wood and other natural materials.

Interconnected rooms are connected by bridges and ladders. The sponsors have thought through every detail, even the drain is arranged so as not to cause any harm to the nature. To eat visitors to the hotel will be located near the Guesthouse Britta’s. The price for double accommodation the rooms at the Treehotel from 3990 SEK (about $600) per day.