The Grand Hotel Europe is a wine dinner
24 September, the year of the 125th anniversary of Agatha Christie, Grand Hotel Europe presents a wine dinner with the chef of the famous writer trains Venice Simplon-Orient-Express and the…

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Best hotels in the world by Travel Leisure
We follow the latest trends in the world of business travel, therefore, examined the rating of the best hotels according to the international publication Travel+Leisure and tell you about them.…

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Five best hotels for a weekend in Europe

Long weekend in one of the European capitals — a holiday that is nice to go at any time of the year. We have selected the five hotels for a mini-vacation: convenient location and great design guarantee

Hotel Dauphine Saint Germain (Paris)

The family-run hotel Dauphine Saint Germain is located on the homonymous street, in the heart of the historic Latin quarter on the left Bank of the Seine.

Today is traditionally the “student” area in the 5th and 6th districts of Paris, located near the Sorbonne University, became a place of pilgrimage for tourists. Here they are tempted narrow streets of the historical buildings. Numerous cafes, restaurants, shops with delicacies and art galleries give a quarter of a distinctly Parisian charm. The facades of the houses decorated with wrought iron balconies and flower-filled, passers-by entertained by street musicians and artists.

Just a few steps from the hotel will take you on the famous boulevards of Saint Germain and Saint-Michel – cult places of the promenade not only for tourists but also for locals. Located on the boulevards of the fashion boutiques, bookshops, museums, theatres and gourmet restaurants attract many visitors, thanks to which life is here day and night.

A few minutes walk and you will find yourself on the Seine river right at the old bridge of Pont Neuf – it’s a New bridge to the Ile de La Cité – Saraswati of the city.

On the island is the legendary Notre Dame Cathedral, the Sainte Chapelle and Juarez justice. After passing through the island, you will get to the right Bank of the Seine, where the Louvre, the Tuileries garden and other important Parisian landmarks.

“Friendly as a Cup of hot chocolate, cozy, like a favorite Bathrobe home” – that characterizes their offspring the owner of the hotel Marie Tournier. In the past Vice-President of two major investment banks that two years ago she decided to drastically change the type of activity. Together with Mary’s husband bought an old hotel and completely transformed. A true Parisienne Marie has invested in his creation own idea of comfort and style. On five floors of a renovated building of the XVII century housed 30 rooms, among which there are no two the same.

On the top floor is a spacious Suite. Main bet its decor is made to furnish luxurious interior fabrics. The walls are covered with textile panels for furniture and curtains fabrics brand Jane Churchill. Over the bed “floating” canopy with the image of clouds of fabric from old French Pierre Frey factory.

From the Windows of the suites with a romantic view over the rooftops of Paris and the towers of Notre Dame Cathedral.