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Rest in Sochi

Sochi is one of the most popular resorts on the Black sea coast. Stay in this city for many years attracts many tourists from different parts of the world. Here miraculously combines beautiful nature, excellent climate and well developed infrastructure. While vacationing in Sochi, you’ll be able just for a day and sunbathe on the beach, and swim in the sea, and try out one of the ski slopes.

Weather in Sochi is just wonderful. The climate is mild subtropical. Summers are cloudless, spring — long and rainy, and the autumn — long and very warm. Almost 300 days a year pleased with its warm sun and moderate humidity. That is why an abundance of native vegetation is striking for its diversity. The air in the region of Sochi has healing properties — it contains ozone, volatile, and sea salt.

For many tourists, makes an indelible impression that even in summer the peaks of the Caucasus mountains still covered with snow. It is the combination of warm sea and snow-capped peaks makes your holiday truly memorable.

The summer season begins in may, and many people come to Sochi for the holidays. The water is still cool, but at this time you can decently tan. And yet in this period it is best to get acquainted with the sights of Sochi, participate in long tours and trips.

The swimming season begins in June, lasts until October and the water temperature is kept within+20°and 30 ° C. In July and August traditionally is a peak influx of tourists. Just at this time, you can get beautiful and long-lasting suntan. But lovers of “peak season” is worth a visit Sochi in September-October. During this period the day is not too hot, and the sea is gentle and alluring.

This city in the hospitable South. Numerous bars, restaurants, cafes and discos are open all night. Here everyone will find entertainment for everyone. Nightlife lovers will appreciate the variety of beach parties, night clubs, casino. And curious tourists will surely enjoy a variety of sightseeing tours. People who prefer outdoor activities will appreciate such kinds of adventure tourism like rafting, canyoning, diving, sailing, Windsurfing, climbing, traveling on horseback and much more.

Sochi is a city with a long history. Coming here, don’t forget your camera to capture all the sights, of which there are many. In this city you can easily meet any celebrity, after all, Sochi is hosting events nationwide scale: the festival “Kinotavr”, the opening of the summer season drink, fashion festival “Velvet seasons in Sochi”.

And make your vacation truly unforgettable, you need to choose the most comfortable accommodation. It features the famous hotel “the Pearl” is one of the best on the coast, conveniently located in the heart of the city near the sea, surrounded by exotic palms and magnolias. The hotel offers a breathtaking view of the Caucasus mountains and the Black sea. Very close to Winter theatre, Museum, circus, Park “arboretum”.

Rest in Sochi will give you positive emotions, pleasant memories, and you will have the vacation you have always dreamed of!