Nice to live not forbid: the most luxurious hotels in the Middle East
These are the most luxurious hotels in the middle East, offer their guests only the best. If you don't believe it, you can see for yourself by visiting one of…

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"7 Days", Kamianets-Podilskyi
Podorozhali kranou scho mozhu porekomendovali people, that vpershe sbiraetsya PR in our window? Firstly, prokatis on PR Anzu on VLC:) CE the sche quest, but he warti of your tusil.…

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Ten hotels, glorified in the movie

“The Bourne Identity”

The elegant and refined hotel in the heart of the French capital near the Louvre Museum and the Tuileries garden was known long before there decided to shoot some key scenes of the film “the Bourne Identity” with Matt Damon in the title role. However, after the release of the pictures on the screens of the guests began often to meet fans of this action-Packed story about an amnesiac former mercenary killer-CIA agent.

“Death in Venice”

The aristocrats, the fashionable writers and other popular personalities of the last century, arriving in Venice, invariably chose the Hotel Des Bains. Almost 20 years it was a guest and the writer Thomas Mann, it is not surprising that the novel “Death in Venice” takes place in this hotel. When in the early 1970s, the book decided to film, the choice of location was obvious. Now in this hotel, guests tend to live International film festival, so you may well find yourself in a room, where they spent the night Liz Taylor or Robert de Niro.


Rimini, Italy

Grand Hotel in Rimini is fascinating. His room is decorated with Venetian and French things of the eighteenth century, the floor is covered with original antique wooden flooring, ceilings, hanging of the restored antiquariate of Venetian glass, furniture, paintings, chandeliers in the hallways – all true. In 1994, the hotel was declared a national monument protected by the state. But that’s not all. Superb hotel associated with the great Federico Fellini. The Director was filming him in scenes for several movies and, especially, for those who have received “Oscar” picture “Amacord”.

“Vicky Cristina Barcelona”

Hotel de la Reconquista

Although the film “Vicky Cristina Barcelona” was intended to promote the Catalan capital, many episodes were filmed entirely in other regions of Spain. For example, you will not be able to find Barcelona hotel, where takes place the most dramatic scene of the picture, because he is in Oviedo. So if you decide to drink some of Spain’s cider and get acquainted with the Asturian antiquities, you can rent a room in a chic Hotel de la Reconquista, where seething passion between Penelope Cruz, Scarlett Johansson and Javier Bardem.

“Lie low in Bruges”

You haven’t seen a picture of the two assassins (their role was played by Colin Farrell and Brendan Gleeson) who needed some time to lay low, and they chose to medieval Bruges? Everyone who watched this beautiful film, dream one – as soon as possible to get into the magical city on the canals. In frame often appears as a four-star boutique hotel Relais Bourgondisch Cruyce. Its wooden facade we see in all the important scenes. Want to see Bruges, but also to live in the atmosphere noble classics among the elegant interior, decorated with antique knick-knacks? You should hurry to book a room in this hotel.

“Casino Royale

Actually in this film about the adventures of agent 007 with Daniel Craig in the lead role is some hotel in Montenegro. but meticulous fans of the epic could not hide that on the screen we see the luxurious interiors of expensive hotels in Karlovy vary. Yes, and the hotel never misses a chance to remind the country of the superspy: the site is constantly prompted with the mention of James bond. By the way, “Casino “Royal” is not the only picture that was shot in a historic building, built in 1701. Prior to that, the Grandhotel Pupp already appeared in “Shanghai knights” with Jackie Chan.

“Sex and the city”

All girls from 12 to 70 years, probably, remember a spacious apartment of “Mr. big” from the series “Sex and the city”. So you know that her role is played by the room of the new York Suite hotel, located in downtown Manhattan on Park Avenue. If you get a room in this hotel, meeting with the “man of her dreams” you, of course, no guarantees, but you will love the sleek, modern design of the rooms, and to all the attractions of the “Big Apple”, such as the Empire state building, you will be at hand.

“Pretty woman”

Los Angeles, CA, USA

Fans of the romantic Comedy “Pretty woman” will be disappointed to learn that the elegant suites in which to spend time hero Richard Gere, doesn’t exist: the interior of this room is the only Studio sets. But the rest of the hotel scenes were shot in this hotel. So once Вeverly Wilshire in Beverly Hills, you will learn and the hall and corridors of the famous film. However, luxury suites for millionaires there too, there is – it costs about a thousand dollars in one night! And men are probably more interested in that this hotel is horrible and in the movie “COP out of Beverly hills.”

“12 ocean’s”

Las Vegas, NV, USA

All three action-Packed film about the Ocean and his friends starred in one of the most luxurious hotels in Los Angeles – in the five-star Bellagio. Those who decide to see where events unfolded, waiting for the lush rooms, an exclusive restaurant, a lovely worthy of royalty service and, of course, the casino. If “Sin City” have deprived you of all the money and the room in such a place you can not afford, can at least admire the wonderful singing fountains in front of the hotel.

“Lost in translation”

Park Hyatt Tokyo

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