American haunted hotels

To climb Everest. Swim with the dolphins. To watch as someone who died 300 years ago, passes through the walls of your room? Yes, some activities are more accessible than others. Perhaps you will never climb the mountain, but you have all the chances to stay in a hotel with ghosts. Or, to be more accurate to say, in the hotel where he saw ghosts. A list of us hotels by Forbes Traveler is haunted .

The Equinox (Manchester village, Vermont). You are unlikely to meet with Laura Bush or Nancy Reagan, but in the Equinox hotel in Vermont you can spend time with the former First Lady: they say that the hotel is often visited by Mary Todd Lincoln and her youngest son, tad, died at 18 years of age. According to rumors, you can hear the cry of Ted and the soothing voice of his mother.

Brown Palace Hotel (Denver, Colorado) visits a team of ghosts. According to hotel staff running around the corridors laughing children, in the hall, the musicians play, and even long-departed founder at sometimes comes to visit. For the curious, the hotel organizes special tours.

The liner “Queen Mary” (the port of long beach, California). Would you like a cabin with paranormal activity? Rumor has it that the liner “Queen Mary” was inhabited by ghosts who, apparently, love provocatively the pool: even when it is empty, and nearby there are traces of wet feet, and the vintage bathrooms periodically see the spirits of the dead women. Each year the researchers own paranormal activity “Queen Mary” organize “hostfest”.

The Hawthorne Hotel (Salem, MA). According to rumors, on the sixth floor of the Hawthorne hotel, especially in room 612, haunting woman. If this story scares You, instead of visiting this room you can explore the local witch Museum.

Hotel Provincial (New Orleans, La) stands on the place where there was a military hospital during the Civil war. It is not surprising, therefore, that it is inhabited by the souls of the dead soldiers. Also live here “lady Ghost” in white, which can be seen on the stairs or near the fountain.

Also “Ghostbusters” can look into the following hotels: The Heathman Hotel (Portland, Oregon), Homespun Farm (Griswold, CT), The Cashtown Inn (Gettysburg, Pennsylvania), Menger Hotel (San Antonio, TX) and Lighthouse Inn (new London, Connecticut).