The most famous subways of the world
In many large cities, people not moving around the city, and beneath it on the subway. This kind of underground transport has appeared for a long time that gives the…

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Rest in Sochi
Sochi is one of the most popular resorts on the Black sea coast. Stay in this city for many years attracts many tourists from different parts of the world. Here…

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Best design hotels of the world

Surround yourself with beautiful and stylish things hunting is not only at home but also on vacation. I think this beauty was accompanied with excellent service. We offer you a list of the best design hotels in the world.

1. Dar Hi Hotel

Located in the desert of Nafta, Tunisia and created by Matali Crasset. This hotel called “younger brother” Hi-hotels, which welcomes guests in nice. The main idea of at is to create a place to relax in the heart of the oasis. Hallmark – friendliness, in addition, the hotel is completely built from local materials.

2. Mama Shelter Istanbul

Businessman Serge Trigano already owns hotels Mama Shelter in Paris, Marseille, Lyon and Bordeaux. Recently, he exported the concept of in Turkey. The design takes Philippe Starck, so all the rooms are very colourfully reflect the modern urban dynamics. As the highlights – the masks of Batman and Darth Vader.

3. Mondrian Miami Beach

Designer Macrel wanders has developed a neo-Baroque interior and the exterior of the Mondrian hotel in Biscayne Bay near Miami. Outside is a spacious terrace with views of the ocean, green arches and furniture worthy of fairytale castles. Inside – monumental lighting, the gorgeous black spiral staircase, the spirit of history.

4. Mamilla Hotel

Simple and at the same time, luxury Mamilla apartment in Jerusalem – the result of collaboration between Israeli architect Moshe safdie and designer Piero Lissoni. Built of Jerusalem stone, the hotel is graphically simple and minimalistic. Key features – the play of light, original furniture and Panoramny a rooftop restaurant with views of the Holy City.

5. Das Stue Hotel

Double staircase and gallery visitors are greeted German Das Stue Hotel. Design Agency LVG Arquitectura was in charge of the rooms, and designer Patricia Urquiola has equipped the common areas, turning the building of the old Danish Embassy in Berlin in a unique hotel.

6. New Hotel

Designers Humberto and Fernando Campana were inspired by the traditions of the Athenian craftsmen, mixed with modern trends and have created a New Hotel. Lounge and restaurant decorated with recycled wood, and decorated in the tradition of Greek mythology.

7. Hotel O

Designer Ora-ito so in love with the First arrondissement of Paris, created here his compact Hotel O. it is very cozy, and most importantly a place in the room is the bed. Color also plays an important role: the designer used a lot of purple, yellow and green.

The main feature of another hotel, Athens, Hotel Semiramis – colored pool, as well as many pieces of modern art. For design Karim Rashid answered. The decor and furniture in the style of variations on an Egyptian theme Jeff Koons and Tim noble gives the hotel a special historical charm.