The most famous subways of the world

In many large cities, people not moving around the city, and beneath it on the subway. This kind of underground transport has appeared for a long time that gives the opportunity to relieve the roads from heavy traffic. However, the metro not only helps to organize the movement around the city, making it fast and comfortable, but also provides an opportunity to get to know the culture of the people, feel the usual rhythm of life of this place. Do not forget that the Metropolitan one country is very different from the underground of another state, some metro stations are interesting attractions that are proud of the residents and visitors admire. Modern metro is a convenient transportation system that attracts your comfort and cleanliness, because the cleaning is conducted regularly in them.

Stockholm metro. Sweden

This metro looks like a Museum, since all its stations designed by artists. The Stockholm metro stations are an art gallery, sculpture rooms, and even the wild cave.

London underground. England

This is the underground started in 1863. Then it’s the metro did not resemble modern as the cars drove behind the horse-drawn carriages. The first passenger of the London underground was Edward VII. Today the London underground is the largest in the world.

Moscow metro. Russia

The station is composed of many myths,legends and conjectures, according to which there is a secret branch, endangered the Ghost station and mutants. Many metro stations are real masterpieces of architecture, and therefore it can be called one of the most beautiful subways in the world.

The Madrid metro. Spain

This metro is developing very rapidly and quickly, so it is difficult to monitor the emergence of new stations. All metro Madrid is a modern and perfectly clean. Cleaning metro here is also thorough, and office cleaning .

The Tokyo subway. Japan

Although at first glance the Tokyo metro map is very confusing, this subway is recognized as one of the most comfortable in the world. The routes are easy to find thanks to the special screens that are installed everywhere.

The Beijing subway. China

The metro is relatively newly built, but growing rapidly. Stations on the Beijing subway are all available and just. Ride Chinese trains – inexpensive and secure. Trains of the Beijing subway ride on silent tracks.

This is the most famous subways in the world. If a person is in one of the above subways, he will definitely get a lot of impressions and useful information.