The most unusual forest hotel Sweden
The name of the village Harads in Sweden will soon be known to all lovers of unusual holiday in the heart of the Northern forests on the banks of the…

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The famous hotel near Cannes
Honestly, this summer I was going to spend a modest house on the terrace. Any plans built. or rather dreamed about the sea as always, but something concrete emerging. And…

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The Grand Hotel Europe is a wine dinner

24 September, the year of the 125th anniversary of Agatha Christie, Grand Hotel Europe presents a wine dinner with the chef of the famous writer trains Venice Simplon-Orient-Express and the house wine “Baron Philippe de Rothschild”, the credo of which is to produce the best wines in the world in any category.

Evening in the restaurant “Europe” will recreate the atmosphere of an aristocratic continental train travel vintage “Orient Express”, shrouded in mystery and intrigue, which comfortably traveled writers, statesmen and monarchs of the twentieth century. To bladams menu matched pair a unique wine Baron Philippe de Rothschild that by the glass it is possible to try only here.

The dinner menu has developed a creative Duo: the chef of Grand Hotel Europe Ian Minnis and Christian Bodiguel, a Frenchman who for 30 years headed the kitchen of the legendary luxury train with three dining cars. A menu with six changes amounted to French cuisine, famous for the diversity and sophistication of sauces. The appetizer of three shifts of tasting dishes: medallion of king crab with Veloute cauliflower with red caviar, then the sole with pesto sauce and duck breast, Magra with crispy escalope of foie Gras with caramelized elimparcial. For the main course – beef fillet with béarnaise sauce with sun-dried tomatoes, then Apple tartlet with blue cheese, and for dessert, ravioli of Taro root, with cream of mascarpone, pineapple and banana. Each dish is matched perfectly combined sample noble wines Rothschild.

Christian Bodiguel was born in France in Brittany, and heads the kitchen of the famous “hotel on wheels” rally 1984. He began his career as an apprentice at the former chef of the White House in Washington, worked in restaurants several hotels in Paris, headed the kitchen of the prestigious Parisian club “Le Martine’s” and is a member of the culinary Academy of France. Inspiration at its permanent post, he draws in travels on the Orient Express. So, on the route to Istanbul it serves fragrant Eastern spices: sumac, cumin, and Kish-Misham for a new route to Berlin, he was already working on a menu of local delicacies. Every year from March to November, Christian and his team of chefs serves the best European cuisine in the train that can accommodate up to 180 passengers, while the kitchen is fit for a tiny patch, no bigger than a corridor. The signature dish of Christian’s fall – sharolezskaya beef with caviar and truffles and in the summer, roast lamb, served with polenta with sage.

Train Venice Simplon-Orient-Express will take you to the most interesting corners of Europe, from Royal palaces to super-posh boutiques. Classic journey with an overnight stay on route from London to Venice are among the picturesque landscapes of France and Switzerland. The journey can be taken, and by a shorter route, from London or Venice to Paris. Over the years, the legendary train was repeatedly described in literature and cinema: it became the site of the famous “James bond” and the movie “the Turkish gambit”, it traveled the heroine Audrey Tautou in the Chanel advertising film. The Golden age of travel, which is often called “the Roaring twenties” continues today.Cars built in the 1920s and 1930s, and restored to its original state, to recreate one of the most magnificent entertainment that ever existed in the world.On the train there are three restored dining cars of the 1920-ies. Car Côted’Azur, glass-panelled “Lalique”, the car Etoiledu Nord with signature inlay, and the wagon L Oriental decorated black lacquered wood. Classic journey with an overnight stay on route from London to Venice are among the picturesque landscapes of France and Switzerland. The journey can be taken, and by a shorter route, from London or Venice to Paris. Throughout the year there are a lot of other in the most intriguing cities in Europe: Budapest, Istanbul, Prague, Vienna and Berlin.

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