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Burj al Arab — the most luxurious hotel in the world

Hotel Burj al Arab (literally “the Arab tower”) characterizes itself as a seven star hotel. Its worth the sail in the sea at a distance of 280 meters offshore on an artificial island . connected to the mainland by a bridge.

In the interior of the “Burj al-Arab” was used about 8000 square meters of 22-carat gold leaf . Here also is the highest atrium lobby in the world (180 meters), and the night in one of the world’s most expensive hotels will cost from $1 500 to $28 000.

The hotel Burj al Arab, more popularly known as the Sail, not the standard rooms. All 202 suites. All rooms are two-storey, and the smallest area — 170 sqm while the largest — 780 square metres, the Hotel is a symbol of Dubai . I have lived in many expensive hotels, but this struck me. It is really different from all the others. Before the crisis room in Burj al Arab had to be ordered at least six months.

The idea to build a hotel in the shape of Sails came to the English architect Tom Wright accidentally. He sat at the bar and drank beer. Past the window sailed Arab Dhow with a sail. Tom cried: “Eureka! Here is a simple and recognizable shape that can draw even a child!”

Burj al Arab stands on an artificial island and it connects the land bridge, which at the beginning of the PPC with the guards:

The hotel constantly go graptolites with cameras and open mouths. Upon entering the hotel, you will be rested in a ladder fountain with two escalators at the sides. Fountain periodically begins to play, spitting short streams of water:

The registration process at the hotel very simple. You give your passport employee, while they themselves sit on the couch, eating dates and drinking coffee:

All restaurants and elevators are located on the floor above, where you need to go up the escalator. In the wall beside them hid 2 large aquarium:

Upstairs is one which plays a fountain. Game fountain:

In Burj al Arab the world’s tallest hotel lobby — 180 meters. If you raise your head up, You will see here is a kaleidoscope:

Every next floor a bit narrower than the previous. The corridors are not straight and with convex sides. The color of the ceiling varies from floor to floor. The impression of surrealism. This is the corridor of our floor. It’s difficult to figure out where that look:

On each floor of your reception and Concierge that the guests were comfortable. You will always meet at the Elevator and escorted to your room. The Butler was always joking, asked how was your day, in short, altogether lovely. So, to walk through this corridor is not scary. Fencing is very convex and broad. Down just to look impossible. To make the next photo I had to hold the camera in outstretched arms. On top of the lobby seems tiny:

The hotel has 27 floors. We asked for a room higher up, and we lived on the 14th floor, but do not forget that each floor consists of two. Opening the door, we saw the following picture.


The stairs went up to the bedroom, and in front of the desktop. Each room is equipped with laptop, Fax, copier and colour printer. Here is the view in the opposite direction:

The door opened the girl that came here with us from the lobby. In the room she gave us our personal Butler. He treated us to orange juice and gave us a tour. Started from the first floor. Almost all space is occupied by a large living room:

The room has speakers for the iPod Bradlom, and all the equipment controlled from the panel AMX:

TV nestled Golden armor. In General, the hotel was used by 8 000 square meters of gold leaf:

While we walked the floors, a fruit bowl significantly cleaned up the younger generation. Every time we leave the room, even for 5 minutes, she miraculously replenished with new fruit:

Here pantry and guest toilet:

On the second floor is the master bedroom:

The highlight of all the rooms are huge floor to ceiling Windows overlooking the sea:

With the remote from behind the bar leaves the TV:

The remote deserves special attention. Like the “Call Butler”. Also use this remote can open-close the blinds, light a lamp “do not disturb” and even open the front door — not to run down.

During the tour brought our bags. I was completely floored by the Butler question: “is it Convenient that I just pulled out Your bags?” I’m a little hesitated, and then said: “Convenient!”. He took apart all the bags, all neatly laid out on the shelves, and dirty Laundry took with him to the Laundry:

And, of course, upstairs there is a huge bathroom with Jacuzzi:

Bathroom “encrusted” full makeup from Hermes. The men’s line with black caps, and the female with white. The Butler said that we can pick up the whole cosmetics with you, which we did. He also “allowed” steal Slippers and a great beach bag:

From the Windows open view of the adjacent hotel Jumeirah beach:

When I woke up the next morning, she did not recognize the landscape. We were above the clouds, and the flags nearby hotel barely peeped through the clouds:


Hotel Burj al Arab — is not only a magnificent two-storey rooms, but also several wonderful restaurants and a magical beach with footmen and carpets.

Breakfast is served in the restaurant by the pool on the other side of the hotel:

From here the hotel looks very unusual. Inside this black pipe goes high-speed panoramic Elevator with transparent walls:

In the upper platform sticking out of the hotel, is the famous restaurant al Muntaha, which means “Highest”. In 2006, the year the chef of this restaurant was named the Best Chef of the year:

Another famous restaurant called “Oyster” and hid in the basement of the hotel. He is one of the 10 best restaurants in the world. There you can get on the Elevator, similar to a submarine, and then pass through the underwater tunnel:

Tables are arranged around a huge aquarium:

In the evening men need to wear jackets. If you have no jacket, it will give to your stay at the restaurant.

The menu started with oysters on 5000 rubles per 50 grams and black Beluga caviar for 10 500 rubles per 250 grams. I humbly chose the business lunch of two dishes and dessert. It cost “only” 4 500 rubles. At first I had a cold foie Gras, and the second lamb:

Loved the bread with cuttlefish ink:

For dessert I chose the fruit:

I asked the waiter, they have honey for tea. Loved the answer: “we Have, in Burj al Arab, there is absolutely everything you could want!”

In front of the hotel are always good cars. Here you can easily hire a Ferrari or Maserati:

The hotel stands on an artificial island, fortified by a circle of boulders:

The beach is on the mainland, and there carry on the cars. The beach has its own entrance. Here you register and spend to the lounger. Beach bag for you pulling lackey. Look closely at the next photo. Among the chairs padded carpet . merging with the sand. I saw this for the first time in my life:

Once we chose the sun loungers, our Butler brought us an ice bucket, in which were bottles of drinking water, water spray for the face that it does not dry in the sun and spray with lavender. Ice and water we are constantly updated:

For all the bathers (usually no more than 5 people at the same time), watch the lifeguard 2. And in the evening we walked to a nearby hotel Jumeirah beach:

This is the most luxurious hotel in the world: