Unusual hotels of the world
Poseidon Undersea Resort – a unique resort located on the island of Poseidon. The island gives guests the twin-engine plane from Nadi airport (Fiji). Poseidon Undersea Resort consists of 73…

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TOP 10 hotels in the world, where history was made
There are plenty of places where important historical events. And among these places there are hotels, which was signed historical documents, created the world famous literary works, written pattern, in…

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The most unusual hotels in the world.

Portal Oktogo continues a series of stories about the most unusual hotels in the world. Today you will learn about five places worthy of the attention seekers of diversity. In the process of preparing materials, we pay special attention to the selection of photos because most of us are visual creatures and the old adage that it is better to see once, for us, very much so. Some of the hotels mentioned in the stories were so many interesting photographs that we have decided in the future be sure to post them as separate posts, so stay tuned.

Hotel Kakslauttanen, Finland

A complex of 20 traditional Nordic huts igloos built from snow, and glass. The hotel complex is situated in the legendary Lapland, 250 km above the Arctic Circle. The area of each of the rooms – less than 50 sq. m. but this small space is completely covered by a dome of clear glass. To watch the Northern lights illuminating the night sky, tourists can not get up from the comfy beds.

Hotel Canopy Tower, Panama

Hotel Canopy Tower is a 12 spacious and comfortable rooms housed in owned by U.S. air force radar tower on the banks of Praskoveya. Now around the tower lies the national Park “Soberania”, a famous collection of unique and rare species of birds. So more importantly, why tourists come here to admire the beautiful panoramic view from beneath the 30-meter dome site, and to communicate with the feathered inhabitants of the Park.

The Hotel Das Park hotel, Austria

The complex of three hotel rooms, were placed in water tubes with a diameter of 2 meters, is located in the Danube Park in the Austrian Ottensheim. Each room has a comfortable bed and a Desk lamp, but all other facilities are outside the rooms.

The Marmara Antalya, Turkey

The world’s only revolving hotel, set on the southern coast of Turkey. With six huge engines, the modern hotel complex at seven o’clock makes a complete rotation on its axis. Thus, the view 24 rooms, decorated in the style of “minimalism”, is constantly changing.

Hotel Wasserturm, Cologne, Germany

In 1990, French designer Andree Putman has made Cologne water tower of the 19th century into a chic modern hotel. The hotel has 78 rooms, the main attraction is the view from a huge 4.5-meter Windows and the rooftop restaurant La Vision.