The Best Hotels Of Berlin
Since the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989 range of hotels in Berlin began to expand at an unprecedented pace. There are currently 133,000 seats 800 hotels in Berlin.…

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Hotels near sandy beaches
It's no secret that the vast majority of people who are unhappy with your holiday in Malta, were the victims of bad faith and incompetence of the personnel of travel…

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Top 10 most beautiful hotels in the world

Hotel industry is one of the fastest growing elements of tourism business in absolutely all, without exception, the countries of the world. Tracking on the relevant necessary information about the availability of tickets, as well as trying to surround yourself with comfort, most tourists important emphasis on the selection of the suitable hotels for them.

Burj-al-Arab – luxury hotel in Dubai

However, the selection criteria are so numerous that modern vacationer difficult to choose a particular hotel that best meets his needs. One such criteria is the beauty and magnificence of the interior and exterior of hotels.

Mostly it’s used by people not poor who are able to pay a few thousand dollars or euros for an overnight stay in a luxury apartment, available to them. According to a survey, recently conducted in various sites of tourist subjects among their visitors, best represented in the nomination are:

1) “Commune by the Great Wall” (China);

2) “Wolwedans” (Namibia);

3) “Burj Al Arab” (Dubai);

4) “Sheraton Iguazu Resort &; Spa” (Argentina);

5) Villa D’este (Italy);

6) “Caruso Ravello” (Italy);

7) “Hayman Island Resort” (Australia);

8) “Oberoi Amarvilas” (India);

9) “The Standard” (USA);

10) “InterContinental Hong Kong” (Hong Kong).

Briefly describe what attracted the attention of each of the above mentioned hotels? Following the best traditions of the submission of dozens of leaders in various spheres of human activity, let’s start with a description of who took the last spot in this list.

Tenth place – hotel “InterContinental Hong Kong”, Hong Kong

Tenth place in the list of “Top 10 most beautiful hotels in the world” is “InterContinental Hong Kong” which is situated on the picturesque in its urban sketches the shore of one of Hong Kong’s harbours. It offers an unforgettable experience of enjoying the surrounding scenery, as well as from a thirteen-minute nightly sound and light show unfolding in the sky over the city.

Ninth place – hotel “The Standard”, USA

But the best views of the Hollywood view from The hotel “The standard”. In the displayed list, he ranks ninth. Located in the heart of the Hills fame, its minimalist nature it attracts many movie celebrities.

Eighth place – hotel “Oberoi Amarvilas”, India

The complete opposite of him is another participant TOP 10 “Oberoi Amarvilas” (position – 8). Its highlight are the magnificent views of the Palace the Taj Mahal is visible from one of its rooms.

Seventh place – hotel “Hayman Island Resort”, Australia

7th place belongs to the “Hayman Island Resort”, located near the Great barrier reef. The hotel is surrounded by many coral beaches. Also has the largest in the entire southern hemisphere pool.

Fifth place – hotel Villa D’este, Italy

6th and 5th place is only the representatives of old Europe – of “Caruso Ravello” and “Villa D’este”, respectively. Both are on Italian territory. The first of them was chosen by many celebrities and millionaires of Old and New world, which, however, still to this day consider it one of the best places to stay. The second became a real Paradise for lovers as it is situated on a beautiful rocky green coast of Amalfi.

Fourth place – hotel “Sheraton Iguazu Resort & Spa”, Argentina

Continuing the natural theme in the natural beauty of the hotels in the world, it should be noted “Sheraton Iguazu Resort & Spa”. Is far away the best waterfalls of the river Iguazu, in the heart of the homonymous Argentinean national Park, a UNESCO world heritage site.

Third place – hotel “Burj Al Arab”, Dubai

“Bronze medalist” in the TOP 10 is the hotel “Burj Al Arab”. This futuristic miracle Dubai gives the opportunity to its visitors, and especially those that occupy the so-called “royal siut”, located on the twenty-fifth floor to admire the gorgeous view of the skyscrapers of the desert tempting and calm the waters of the Persian Gulf.

Second place – hotel “Wolwedans”, Namibia

2nd place experienced travelers divert to another representative of the arid climatic zones of our planet – the hotel “Wolwedans”, located almost on the edge of the Namib desert. Many of the respondents consider it not even a hotel, and a certain kind of luxury camp. Its highlight is the daily contemplation of the sand dunes of this most ancient of all existing deserts.

Finally, the top of the list of “Top 10 most beautiful hotels in the world” is the “Commune by the Great Wall”. Its location is near the only man-made terrestrial object, is clearly prominent even with the surface of the moon – the great wall of China.

As used to say at the time, Mao dzedun: “If you have not visited the great wall of China – you’re not a real Chinese”. Some paraphrase this sentence, we say that a real tourist can be only the one person who at least once in my life touched her with his hand.