After the opening of the first hotel "Swissôtel Hotels & Resorts" in India — Swissôtel, Kolkata — in July, the Swiss international hotel chain has signed contracts to manage two…

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10 most famous abandoned hotels
Luxury hotels and resorts under Sunny skies. Designer furniture, expensive restaurants and rich tourists, splashing in the ocean. But all that can change very quickly, becoming a decaying squalor. War,…

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The world’s best hotels: Acqualina Resort and Spa in Miami

Recreation is a basic need of every person. A full holiday with the most comfortable conditions, the possibility of expanding horizons and the right atmosphere can work wonders – include restarting processes of the body, you receive the necessary positive energy. After light adaptation upon return we can move mountains! Universal recipe of a perfect holiday doesn’t exist, however there is an iconic tourist routes and places, which are called Place to Be. It can be legendary hotels that became a national treasure of their country, or resort areas that have such specific features that make it worth travel. As they say in advertising, everything has a certain cost in terms of money, but the impressions will be invaluable.

Located on the Atlantic coast in southeastern Florida Miami (Miami) to America – the same thing that nice, Saint Tropez and Sardinia for Europe, that is more than just a resort, but a significant center of cultural and social life. The most developed tourist region of the USA. Miami is tens of kilometers of white sand beaches, warm Atlantic waves and mild climate all year round. That is why most of the best clips of world and domestic stars shooting here.

The thing that sets this resort a special atmosphere of lightness, beauty, and pollotarian. Classic dolce vita American-style with luxury hotels, legendary nightlife, the yachts of millionaires along the pier and celebrities, of which there more than on any red carpet – typical entourage of Miami. Even in the context of the global tourism industry Miami is a special place – the title of the capital club ensured the famous large-scale projects such as LIV or iconic Nikki Beach, a Paradise for gourmets the town is called the best in the world thanks to expensive restaurants and easy coastal oyster bars, and the largest collection of architecture art Deco in the world and unique parks of plants and animals are a must for any guide.

It is important to understand that Miami is not only a resort. Actually, Miami (downtown) – the business centre, the city of skyscrapers, conferences and exhibitions, as directly part of the resort – near Miami beach (Miami Beach). One of the most multinational regions of the world, Miami has a distinctive flavor thanks to the mixture of cultures and languages. A large part of the indigenous population – descendants from Latin America, and the assimilation of their culture in the context of modern Miami is an important touch. It is a unique combination of secularism and democracy, a respectable luxury and simplicity of the original Orthodox Latin American life has allowed Miami to become not just one of the most important regions in the global travel industry, but also a resort with its own face.

Recently in Miami all the more likely to go for permanent residence. It is understandable – the comfort of city life combined with a mild subtropical climate and atmosphere of the popular resort. And does not interfere with any specific mentality – a more cosmopolitan and politically correct place on Earth. So to live here is really a pleasure. And certainly Miami is to visit it as a tourist.