The most unusual hotel in Milan

This concept hotel called “hotel-a-parfums”

But in Russian this new hotel concept will be (in correct spelling) to look like this: the a parfum .

This is the concept of “luxury-class”. The hotel Magna Pars Suites Milano is located respectively in Milan and imprisoned under the influx of very “expensive customers” who come on an annual “event”, the Fashion Week in Milan.

If you haven’t died from the awareness of his own insignificance, then read on. You are a strong person.

So Milan hotel for guests of fashion week (and good people), the hotel of the same name (repeat) Magna Pars Suites Milano belongs to the famous Italian family business, perfumers and “people in the world of fashion” — the family of Marton.

The history of the hotel is as follows. The Marton family headed by the acting head — Roberto Martone moved from Milan (where not reported). But his luxurious house decided not to sell, but to turn it into a fancy hotel. The trick with a stay at Magna Pars Suites Milano is that it stores the family library of the Marton family. Some books are in the guest rooms, as well as on the tables in living rooms, but the main part of the library assembled in the hall-the library!

Becoming a guest at this hotel, you can, thus, lie down before you sleep with someone else’s book in his hands. And it’s not “just a book” and the book from domaslavice one of the richest and most pathetic “families” of the world.

But that’s not all! Becoming a guest of hotel Magna Pars Suites Milano, you may easily cross in the corridor with the daughter of the head of household — George Marton (Giorgia Martone).

For six months, every weekend she spends in his former family nest, doing cataloging for the family library — photographs of the book, rewrites them, systematizes.

Quite secular activity.

Actually for owners of family libraries employ deep filologichesky educated young man-the bookworm (with a degree no less than Oxford). who is working on a catalogue of the old library from morning to evening on weekdays, but we do criticize the Marton family.

the a parfum

In the perfume hotel Magna Pars Suites Milano all 28 rooms type “Suite” and four floors. The house is eco-friendly and Patriotic.

It features all Italian brands – Italian furniture,Italian fitness equipment. Italian architect – lyuchiano Maria Colombo did the interior. Well, the restaurant employs famous Italian chef, Fulvio, Siccardi.

Why the a parfum– perfume?

Very simple! It smells, but the smell is unobtrusive, as it should be smelling like expensive perfume. Huge Windows open to the garden, which surrounded the house, opening to fragrant trees.

In the rooms, corridors and other spaces – topics and the various natural scents – wood and flower.

Woody and floral aromas – chip family and the Marton hotel Magna Pars Suites Milano.

Accommodation is in the hotel a parfum Magna Pars Suites Milano is expensive. 300 euros per night. But he, who other things being equal, having the right amount, I will choose this hotel and not, say, Burj al Arab, will manifest himself as a man with slightly more refined taste, in our opinion.