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The most unusual hotels in the world
If you are going to go on vacation, sometimes each of us will certainly think about how I wanted to spend it with maximum benefit for themselves. That is why…

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Known of for cats

As known of for people whose names are in the language among tourists all over the world, animal zoo hotels also have their own popularity rating. We did not monitor famous hotels for cats. dogs and other domestic animals worldwide, being confined to tomasini on the territory of our country. However, and so, the pleasure from his research have been incredible. So glad to share the results of our independent monitoring and with you. So, we present to your attention the TOP 4 (number of legs allowed) the most famous hotels in Russia find a temporary in which a comfortable shelter, comfort, affection and care our smaller brethren.

Traditionally, start from last place on the list of leaders, and immediately with a description of the zoo hotels, which, in our opinion, is the most popular among breeders Pets.

Number 1 in our ranking stands the hotel for cats cat house. This private boarding for cats, which features not only everything you need to create a comfortable home stay pet, and also a system security. By determining this well-known hotel in your cat, you can be assured that round-the-clock video surveillance system will protect your furry family member against accidents and unforeseen situations.

Silver medal in our hit parade of famous zoogostinitsa received getinitials animals comfort. Here find a temporary shelter, not just cats and dogs of all breeds, colors, ages. The creators of the famous hotel for Pets proud of in the first place, a luxurious area that surrounds the building toancient and is intended for dogs and cats under the supervision of professional breeders.

Bronze number 3 took known the hotel for animals on the ark, which is located in Yekaterinburg, but rather far from Ekaterinburg. This hotel for Pets invites you to visit their holdings not only of cats, dogs, Guinea pigs, and is designed for year-round keeping of parrots, hamsters, turtles, and even pet rats. In this famous hotel for animals are treated with the utmost love and tenderness, it is at the head of a zoo hotels is a beautiful woman who was dedicated to our younger brothers a single day, month, year and even decade…

Completes our makeshift Top list famous hotel for all Pets, located in the suburb of St. Petersburg, a hotel for animals Tory. But if you are puzzled, how will you get it a beloved family member in a countryside resort, this hotel will offer zootaxa. Spacious area for walking, fresh air, excellent conditions – now I understand why this famous hotel so popular with many loving owners.

Here is a little research… We would have included in your hit parade and our zoogostinitsa for cats in Moscow, but have decided to offer you self-assess the quality of services provided to our four-legged friends.