Hotels in St. Petersburg low prices

The Four Seasons hotel brings together more than 70 hotels and resorts that are located in different corners of the globe. Hotel 4 sezona (Four Seasons) is a hotel chain that combines luxury hotels segment. Here already some tens years in a row, Four Seasons the leader in this category. Four Seasons has received numerous awards, which once again prove the world recognition of this hotel chain. The hotel chain comprises of the famous hotels in the world.

It is a and legendary hotels of Paris, Los Angeles and Beverly Hills…

If you want to get unforgettable impressions of the upcoming holiday, to enjoy the exquisite relaxation – discover the unique and wonderful world of Four Seasons. Apart from the amazing adventure, you will be amazed by the range of services provided by health centres and beauty salons that are available in all the hotels of this hotel chain. You are waiting for an incredible adventure, exciting shopping, an exciting cultural program. Four Seasons will source for your future travels. Using the Four Seasons you get access not only to the exclusive corners of our planet, but will also get the opportunity to meet interesting people from around the world.

Having been in the Russian capital, you can also use the services of Four Seasons Hotel Moscow. The hotel contains many rooms, each with its own unique design.Each room is well-designed layout, external design, etc.

All rooms are very spacious, lot of light and air

The rooms remind of the historical past of the building, but at the same time, strictly conform to all accepted standards of construction and architecture. Each room have private bathrooms, the decoration of which consists of coarse-grained marble panels. The bathroom has a double vanity, large, roomy tub, shower and other amenities.

All the suites have a fireplace bezdymnoj and infrared saunas. The rooms offer magnificent views of Red square and the Kremlin. The magnificent rooms are ideal for business travellers and for couples.

Visitors can visit the fitness centre that consists of Spa, fitness center with modern equipment, sauna, Jacuzzi, and a large number of pools. For the most effective workouts you can use the services of experienced instructors. In flines-center contains cardio equipment and free weights the last generation. They will help you to keep fit and improve health. Great pleasure pools take visitors under a huge glass roof. The water in the pools heated to a comfortable temperature.