“7 Days”, Kamianets-Podilskyi

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Yan Dekhtyar, marketing Director of the company Synevo, a network of European laboratories

In September 2013, our company held a training for its representatives from the Western and Central regions of Ukraine, where more than 40 people. This is our traditional corporate event that is always held in the fall. The aim of the event was the unification of employees for learning, analysis of their activities, to encourage and motivate. Each event of prohodit different parts of the country. We always change the location, because I want to see all of Ukraine and not invite the same staff to the same place twice. This time the choice fell on Kamenetz-Podolsky.

It should be noted that the budget of the event we were pleased. We not only went beyond its scope, but also its most flexible form and to afford more than originally planned. By the way, what else was important for us: the hotel is perfectly organized all entertainment, without intermediaries. Our company has representative offices throughout Ukraine, and we will definitely recommend them Kamianets – for motivational and educational trips.