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Hotels near sandy beaches

It’s no secret that the vast majority of people who are unhappy with your holiday in Malta, were the victims of bad faith and incompetence of the personnel of travel agencies, sent them there. Employees who don’t know anything about Malta, shamelessly painting the world in pink and promise of complete nonsense. Most often this happens with tourists who expect a beach holiday, sandbanks and all inclusive, travel Agency and they promised to arrange in Malta (!). People vparivayut is a really lovely hotel in Sliema, but since the slim is not a normal beach, tourists have accidents or “to dive with pebble,” or to go to the beach on Mellieha 40 minutes one way on a crowded bus. Frankly, not what they expected. Of course, in that case Malta will not be able to please.

So let’s razveem all the myths about beach holiday in Malta. This is not the country where all the morning crawl on the beach and in the evening crawl from the beach to the hotel. This is not a beach resort, and it is necessary to know. Here is a great purity of the sea water (according to several sources – the cleanest on the Mediterranean), there are wonderful bays and inlets, there are plenty equipped and wild beaches – sandy, pebbly and rocky. And here, swimming in the sea, but do not consider it a cult. Malta is positioning itself in the tourism market as unique symbiosis of clear sea, ancient history, landscape, krasotyi spilled on the land of rest. But it has never been and will never be a place for passive beach holiday.

But if we want to organize itself on the shores of Malta, the output is always there. So.

The beaches in Malta are divided into rocky and sandy (there is, however, and pebbly, but very little and they are God knows where). Feature of Malta that she rocky shore, so the first spread more and the latter less. We will assume that “beach vacation” the majority of Russian tourists is associated primarily with sand. But in Malta sandy beach area outside of the resort cities (with rare exceptions), so hotels located within the vicinity of Golden beach. In other words, if we want Malta sun, sea and sunbathing on the beach from morning to evening, here are our options:

To stay at the hotel, located next to the sandy beach. Pros: to the sand and sea two steps. Cons: the nearest city (and, therefore, and to entertainment, restaurants, etc.) usually go and go. In addition, suitable hotels throughout Malta a dozen of these.

Try to understand that the sea is not only the sand that a good rocky beach at times better than any sand. We have the opportunity to choose a hotel in almost any coastal resort town (Sliema, St Julians, Qawra, Bugibba).

To compromise and settle in Paceville. There is a civilization (there’s even overkill), and a nice sandy beach (Bay St. George). Minus two. 1. During the bathing season the beach is crowded flatly. 2. All year round here at night, buzzing discos and roam the crowd of merry young people.

To go to Turkey.

If the second and fourth embodiments is more or less clear, then the first and third is a list of all hotels in Malta, near sandy beaches. If You foist another hotel as a “beach” means any beach there is a rocky or an employee of the travel Agency disingenuous, or our list is still incomplete. Then you need to contact the Forum for clarification. Corinthia San Gorg 5*. Corinthia Marina 5*. Westin Dragonara 5*. Intercontinental 5*. Baystreet 4*. Golden Tulip Vivaldi 4*. Bernard 4*. Villa Rosa 3*. La Vallette Resort 3*. St.George’s Park 3* and all other hotels located in Paceville (Paceville) and the nearest surroundings (St.Julian’s, St.George’s, Pembroke). Near these hotels is a Bay St. George’s Bay, which since the spring of 2004 has a beautiful sandy beach equipped. Small in length, but fairly wide strip of fine sand of Jordan. A pleasant entrance to the sea without algae. But, as mentioned above, in the period from June to September on the beach Packed. In addition, this area is famous for its vibrant nightlife. This is good from the point of view of some wild oats and walk to your room. But it’s bad from the point of view to fall asleep surrounded by reigning in the street Bedlam. Take a hotel closer to the sea (San Gorg, Marina, Dragonara), there quiet. Speaking of Dragonara. They say that the hotel has a tiny sandy beach with a width of not more than 10 meters.

Radisson SAS Golden Sands 5* (Golden Bay) Hotel is located right next to a large beach of Golden Bay, has its own private beach. But besides the sea and sand there is nothing around, no towns, no civilization.

Calypso 4* Very good hotel. Located on the island of Gozo, in the city of Marsalforn. A small beach at a minimum, is in 50 meters from the entrance. However, “to the maximum” in Malta is not equipped.

Ramla Bay Resort 4* (Marfa) is a Picturesque place in the suburbs. No civilization around. The hotel has its own private beach. The beach is Paradise Bay – 10 minutes walk.

The Paradise Bay hotel 4* (Cirkewwa) Has a tiny beach. In the immediate vicinity of the hotel – public beach is Paradise Bay, one of the best on the island. Otherwise the place is quite secluded and remote from civilization (if it is not attributed ferry prepravu).

Comino Hotel 4* (Comino) the Hotel is located in the two bays of the island of Comino San Niklaw bay Santa Marija bay. Both have a small sandbanks. A five minute walk from the famous Blue Lagoon, beyond which the island is almost uninhabited.

Seabank 4*. Mellieha Holiday Complex 3*. Luna Holiday Complex 3* (Ghadira Bay (Mellieha)) These hotels are located close to Mellieha beach, the biggest on the whole of Malta. There are a lot of sand, very gently sloping entry into the water. But almost no civilization around. The eponymous town of Mellieha is set on a hill, there on foot, will not run. Past the beach there is a bus, you will have all hope.

Mellieha Bay 4* (Ghadira Bay (Mellieha)) Is located near the beach of Mellieha (see above). Also the hotel has its own small private beach.

Seabreeze 3* (Birzebbuga) the Hotel is located within a regular (not Spa) of the city of Birzebbuga near a large and very nice beach of Pretty Bay. Opposite is a cargo port, over the head constantly flying planes (airport nearby).

If we are willing to take a short walk to the beach, take note:

Grand Hotel Mercure Selmun Palace 4* (Mellieha Bay) 20 minutes downhill along the scenic bushland, and we are one of the best sandy beaches in Malta. He is unknown to almost anyone, not marked on maps. It is quiet and few people. The trouble is that we have to stomp back up the hill.

But if the beach we get to see even a handful of dirty sand in the middle of town, we will fit the following hotels: St. Patrick’s 4*. San Andrea 3*. Serena 2* Hotels are located on the island of Gozo, in the town of Xlendi. The length not equipped with anything a sandbank about 15 metres, width – not more than 4. the Sand is not the first freshness. But the place itself is extremely picturesque, and there is a rocky descent to the water more than comfortable.