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World hotels: Hotel Lungarno, Florence

Hotel Lungarno was the first school in the collection of hotels Salvatore Ferragamo: the current head of the fashion Empire Leonardo Ferragamo decided to continue the tradition of hospitality of his father Salvatore, whose house stayed the famous clients from all over the world. Lungarno is located in a historic mansion on the banks of the river Arno a few steps from the Ponte Vecchio.

The design was entrusted to the Florentine architect Michel Banana (Michele Bönan) which managed to combine historical atmosphere with modern comfort. Thanks to him, in its place was left a collection of works of art of the twentieth century, belonged to the former owners: now each room is decorated with paintings of famous Italian artists, as at the Picteau lounge of the hotel are originals by Pablo Picasso and Jean Cocteau.

73 rooms (including 13 suites and one exclusive Suite in the Renaissance tower) are decorated in classic Italian style, with emphasis on blue and white color scheme, inspired by the river Arno. Each room Michelle Bonan placed antique objects, century-old Bureau of noble wood, Florentine chairs or tables.

Especially for our hotels Salvatore Ferragamo released branded hygienic cosmetics: shampoos, conditioners,face creams and eye, lip balms, and fragrant Soaps that are available for visitors to Hotel Lungarno.

The restaurant Borgo San Jacopo on the first floor run by chef Beatrice Segoni (Beatrice Segoni), which specializes in Tuscan classics with a modern twist. The selection of the chief products involved personally: it’s meat specialties from the vintage shops in Frascati di Arezzo, sverisi fish, a collection of olive oils and regional thought-out wine list.

The same gastronomic approach at the Hotel Lungarno on otnosheniju to Breakfast: start the day with Buffalo mozzarella, prosciutto, organic yogurt, local fruit, freshly baked croissants and cappuccino is provided daily overlooking the Arno river.

Lungarno concierges ready to take care of cultural program outside the traditional routes. Among the most interesting tours – tour of the attractions of Dan brown’s “Inferno”, which is set in Florence.

No less popular excursions in the conceptual Salvatore Ferragamo Museum, old pharmacy, the Officina Santa Maria Novella, bike tours through the ancient streets of the town and wine routes in Tuscany.