The most unusual hotels in the world

If you are going to go on vacation, sometimes each of us will certainly think about how I wanted to spend it with maximum benefit for themselves. That is why I do not want to just visit the usual resort with its primitive entertainment, and some is an extraordinary place to not only tell your friends about your adventures on this trip, but also to share experiences, showing bright images.

Long and winding road…

Almost every city in the world you can find some the most striking landmark, for example, in Moscow it is the Kremlin, and in Cairo – are not ignorant of all the Egyptian pyramids and the Sphinx. What is noteworthy in Dubai? You will not believe it, but flying up to the city, even from afar you can see the huge “white sail” extending a few hundred meters up. No, this is not a Mirage and an illusion. So what is this structure? It’s very simple — it is the most stylish and unusual hotel of this city.

It is still unknown exactly how much money was spent on construction of such buildings. But we can say that the interior of the hotel is not less striking than his appearance. In “flyers”, spreading leaflets among tourists, not so much tells a lot about the unusual interior, how about the decoration of rooms with natural materials collected from around the world. Here are just a few examples: floors and walls are made of very expensive brainstormer, and the furniture is made of rare wood.

After spending at least one night in these apartments, you will feel like a Sultan, because the environment only underscores this statement. Each room has special facilities for the guard and servants, all equipped with the alarm system with the latest technology, so you can rest assured of their security.

Initially it was calculated that visitors to this hotel will be very rich and influential people who will be able to fly to Dubai on his helicopter or plane, which is why the main entrance is located on the roof of the building. To learn more about this extraordinary hotel, you can find what you need on the Internet.

Luggage storage

While many owners of hotels in Japan tried to lure to his new guests a variety of new services, one unusual person came up with an extraordinarily simple idea – to bring the majority of services, suggesting for the night everyone.

The creators of these cheap capsules, you can say, try to stick to the popular proverb – weary Japanese and mats is more than enough. Indeed, they offer their visitors to spend the night in a tiny room, if you can call it. The parameters of this space are HH cubic meters, which is not much, but more had already become notorious for us Mat.

This hotel is practically no different from usual, except if that instead of doors leading into rooms, the entire length of the corridor there are hatches that lead you and get into their “burrow”. First of all, the hotel is located mainly in large cities, where employees overstayed at work or in a cafe, missed the last public transport and they will be cheaper to stay here than overpay at times for the taxi.

A place for the night resembles nothing like a locker, but that’s for the people. Although the Japanese did not panic and give her more vivid name speaks for itself – improved the coffin. “Improvement” is the presence of air conditioning, television, phone and hours, in each “room”. By registering in the hotel for the night, you get bed linen and clothes for sleep and leave their belongings in the cell, getting the key from her and “the number” on hand. Surprisingly, nowhere in the world you will find such a hotel.


No less original style of singing and unusual hotel in Austria, built on a thermal spring in Blumau thermal Spa. Its author is the Hundertwasser – one is known for its “quirks” in the construction of various structures. For this hotel, he carefully selected a place to erect a building, here he could find fresh air and thermal water. Nearby you can see the oldest in Western Europe, the millennial oak.

According to this architect, nature herself does not create smooth crisp lines, and from this it follows that natural dwelling should be similar to the hotel in Blumau thermal Spa. It’s not like all Windows uneven, convex floors, and baths, and even worse – completely decorated with broken tiles. All the walls are painted in different colors and textures, and the embellishments are so not together that even I find it difficult to imagine without seeing with their own eyes. In other words – the absolute mix of various styles and directions, plus everything else, and not a single straight line.

Perhaps you’d be surprised, but visitors to this hotel come to a complete delight. Lying on the bed in “Deluxe” room can be seen through the glass roof hanging branches near a growing tree, as if you are under the open sky, having no roof over my head. And passing the procedure in the “tower of care”, you can glance out the window, reminiscent of the “broken wheel in the form of eight”. From it even seems that the procedures become much more efficient.

And finally…

I would like to say that the choice of these three hotels is not limited, there are so many kinds of unusual hotels in the world, visiting you will certainly be pleased. Among them you can see the original boat house in Thailand, and a hotel built from salt, in Bolivia, and hotel-trains in England and the hotel-plane in the Netherlands, and “Trojan horse” in Belgium – and all are not listed, so great is their variety today. As you have seen, some of them attract visitors with their uniqueness, others the low cost of living, however, they are all worth to visit them at least once in your life!